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Whenever you think about which Spy Tool to get, I bet you get a headache. The market is full of new and snazzy Spy Tools.

But the question remains; can they deliver?

Today we shall be reviewing one of the most successful Spy Tools in the biz right now.

Without further ado, here is AdSpy!

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But first things first.


AdSpy is one of the most powerful FB and PPC Spy Tools in the market.

Essentially, AdSpy is a software that seeks to put you in control of the biggest, most powerful social media platforms in the marketFacebook and Instagram.

The sheer volumes of convertible traffic on these two social media platforms is enough to make any Digital Marketer excited.

AdSpy helps you harness the power of this traffic and propel your business to huge profits and ROI.

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AdSpy has some incredible features to offer. They include:

Search and Filter

AdSpy’s Search and Filter features more search options than any other Ad Intelligence Tool in the market. For this reason, you can search and filter your data easily and effectively.

More specifically, you can search by Ad Text, URL, Page NameComments, Text in the Ad, Advertiser Name, Number of Likes, or Type of Media used.

Further, you can filter your results by Affiliate Network, Affiliate ID, Offer ID, Landing Page details, Last Seen, Likes, Comments, Shares, and Longest Running.

To cap it off, you can search for keywords in the Comments. This way, it will be easy to determine how customers are reacting to your competitor’s Ads as well as your own.

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Large Pool of Data

To say AdSpy has a large database is an understatement. This formidable tool displays over 80.4 million Ads from over 13.5 million Advertisers.

These Ads span 198 countries and can be seen in 88 different languages.

As you can see, AdSpy has one of the largest searchable databases of Facebook and Instagram Ads.

You can find any Ad you like, monitor your competitor’s brands and uncover thriving new products.

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Accurate Demographics

AdSpy employs an AI algorithm to sniff out your rival’s target market.

It does this by leveraging the location, gender, and age range of their Ads.

This way you can accurately discover their target market and see if you too can exploit it.


AdSpy has but one pricing option. This, in our opinion, is great because it’s simple and straightforward.

You will be required to pay $149 a month for all AdSpy features and perks.

It’s finally time for our AdSpy Free Trial titbit. You see, there is no actual AdSpy Free Trial per se.

After signing-up, AdSpy awards you Free Credits. These Free Credits are your AdSpy Free Trial. You should use them to access AdSpy and see what they have to offer. Be careful though because those Free Credits go by fast especially if you run a deep search.


AdSpy is without a doubt one of the most powerful Spy Tools in the market. It is also affordable and worth every penny. So, sign up today and take advantage of our AdSpy Free Trial insight.

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